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  • bliss posted an update 6 hours, 6 minutes ago · 

    I have read 4 of Nassim Taleb’s books, and have enjoyed them.
    He has a great section in his latest on how variety and inconsitency in diet, ie. 3 times as much protein as you need one day followed by none for a few days, continues to keep the body on it’s toes sort-to-speak. He’s a financial/math wiz, and an interesting philospoher.
    Anyway, he and another man recntly weighed in on the subject of GMO’s.

    Another ‘Too Big to Fail’ System in G.M.O.s

    I mostly agree with them and not so much with the author of a counter-argument that has recently come out on the toxic-web.
    Here is the counter:

    Out of his depth, Nassim Taleb bungles risk assessment of GMOs | Genetic Literacy Project

  • heyzeus909 posted an update 5 days, 21 hours ago · 

    Good article that outlines “a” recipe on what it takes to get into shape, and the affect it had on his relationship with his wife.

    “Harley does give me an additional daily workout on top of the training sessions, but it’s for old ladies: walking. Confused, and expecting Harley to suggest a water-aerobics class next, I ask if I shouldn’t be cycling or interval training instead. He says that interval training is slightly better than straight-up aerobics but is basically pushed by people who need something to write about in fitness magazines. He thinks CrossFit is horrible. As are cleanses. He tells me to just walk. A lot.”

  • heyzeus909 posted an update in the group Group logo of Mountain Man’s DungeonMountain Man’s Dungeon 1 week, 1 day ago · 

    The rain forest that I’m walking through today.

    A photo posted by Not MM (@not_mm) on

    Things are getting easier. I feel that a good base has been built, even after just one week. Blood pressure is down a bit, strength up, stamina coming.

    I’ve stayed prepared food-wise, so even though I’ve only dropped a pound or so, my nutrition has been cleaned up which is always important when it comes to life in the road.

    It’s been a good first week.

  • heyzeus909 posted an update in the group Group logo of Medical Conditions /  TreatmentsMedical Conditions / Treatments 1 week, 2 days ago · 

    “We can finally reach clinical levels of these polyphenols in the body. We can load both the compounds at one time to help control the cardiotoxicity of the cancer drug, and we can help the polyphenols accumulate in cancer cells where they have their own anti-cancer properties.

    “This is like hitting three birds with one stone,” Alani said. “It has great potential.”–+ScienceDaily%29

  • heyzeus909 posted an update in the group Group logo of Medical Conditions /  TreatmentsMedical Conditions / Treatments 1 week, 3 days ago · 

    Some people impulsively overeat as a matter of routine. Whether or not attempting to use an amphetamine to correct the problem is a matter of debate.

    Procuring amphetamines for recreation or studying used to take skills. You had to ingratiate yourself to someone with a hook-up, or convincingly affect ADD or ADHD in order to land a coveted Adderall ‘scrip.

    If you want a speedy prescription drug in 2015, however, there is now something new you can fake: binge eating disorder (BED).

    • It’s all horrible.
      For the people that know what they are doing, and have decided they’d like to take a drug, I say let them take it.
      What’s bad here is that people that depend on doctors to have their best interest in mind will believe that taking this drug is the answer if their doctor says that it is.
      I suppose the pharmaceutical industry would like everyone on at least one of their drugs. Of course that means that their workers will be on them, the people that watch their children will be on them, the people that drive them around will be on them, the people that repair their houses will be on them, the people that teach their children will be on them, the people that operate on them will be on them……………………….

    • Where do I sign up?

      • According to the article there is a drug company backed website that gives you tips on shopping around for a doctor that’ll prescribe these.

        • I’m just curious, are you kidding…or do you have no sense of humor? I mean, it’s cool if you don’t (or if it’s a sense of humor I don’t get) but I was kidding and you answered quite literally.

  • When SAMe Helps, Consider Magnesium and Your Metabolic Rate – Weston A Price

    “In my opinion, if someone benefits from SAMe supplementation or suffers from any of the conditions for which SAMe supplementation has shown to be beneficial, and it can be ruled out that simply ensuring adequacy of dietary methionine and relevant B vitamins would fix the problem, magnesium status and metabolic rate should be evaluated.

    Magnesium concentrations in serum, plasma, red blood cells, and urine can be useful in assessing magnesium status, but probably should not be used to rule out the possibility that magnesium supplementation could be helpful. In addition to supplementation, proper stress and sleep management as well as eating a wide variety of unrefined plant foods can help with magnesium status.

    Ensuring a normal basal body temperature is, in my current opinion, probably the most cost-effective and helpful way to address the metabolic rate. However, addressing why the metabolism may have slowed may be more complicated. Managing stress and sleep, ensuring adequacy of most nutrients, and eating enough total food and carbohydrate are probably the key factors to consider.”

    • Not an area I know a lot about.
      I will say, in regards to maintaining a normal base body temp that there seem to be some people like Matt Stone that say it’s fine to eat white sugar, etc.
      I used to check his blog ( out from time to time, but it just didn’t resignate with me. I also can’t understand technical things that well. There’s definitely some pseudo-scientific blah blah on the internet. Not sure where on the scale Matt is.

      • Magnesium. It can fix anything. It’s like the duct tape of vitamins.

        Stone is a clever dude. He knows how to sell people on what they want to buy, and people want to buy the idea that the path to well-being is to eat sugar. There’s no basis in nature for this, which should be a red flag. If you throw a gas can on a fire, it’ll burn hotter. Not necessarily a great thing.

  • heyzeus909 posted an update in the group Group logo of Mountain Man’s DungeonMountain Man’s Dungeon 1 week, 4 days ago · 

    Saw this dude after my trail walk in the hills today. The loop I did is ~3200 steps. I was going to do two loops but decided to not push it.

    I’m having juice and kefir today. Maybe mix in some protein powder later, if I workout.

    A photo posted by Not MM (@not_mm) on

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    • Going to eat some melons this summer?

      • I have 4 plants currently going. The seeds were specifically ordered. I’m not much on melons, but the kids can eat their weight in them.

  • heyzeus909 posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago · 

    I haven’t watched this yet, but apparently this includes when the Ice Man (Wim Hof) completed a marathon in the dessert sans water and sans his core temp rising.

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    • It may be a good documentary, and I may watch it, but I do not appreciate people using words like superhuman to describe things that are human.
      It’s incorrect.

      • It’s a good watch. This has more to do with how he can teach his method to others, and how he has proven to control his immune system in a clinical setting (he was injected with a bacterial toxin, then monitored). Nothing about the desert marathon sans water other than mentioning it in the beginning.

  • heyzeus909 posted an update in the group Group logo of Mountain Man’s DungeonMountain Man’s Dungeon 1 week, 5 days ago · 

    Here’s my starting fat caliper reading. Actually, this is a couple of days in. 18mm. That needs to get down to 2 or 3mm. Thanks.

    A photo posted by Not MM (@not_mm) on

    • That should say 16mm. Obviously.

      • Just how accurate are those things?
        I’ve never held one or seen it used. Couldn’t you just press harder one time than another time and get a different reading?

        • They’re fairly consistent if the user is consistent. I usually take 3 measurements, and if 2 of them are the same – voila.

  • heyzeus909 posted an update 1 week, 5 days ago · 

    My dad had a garden every year. I decided it would be a good idea for me to try my hand at some sort of growing food. Sort of a tribute, I guess. I chose a straw bale garden because it’s supposed to be rather dummy-proof.

    It sits in front of my house. The neighbors probably don’t like it, but I think it looks better than stupid grass. It’s all heirloom, like you’d expect. Some of the peppers and melons were started from seeds. I installed a soaker hose system.

    The birds eat the strawberries. The stalks of corn are the smallest ever. Overall, it doesn’t appear that it’ll exactly be the highest yielding garden ever.

    These are my maters.

    A photo posted by Not MM (@not_mm) on

  • heyzeus909 posted an update in the group Group logo of Mountain Man’s DungeonMountain Man’s Dungeon 1 week, 5 days ago · 

    I guess I’m doing a Challenge type thing. But I don’t feel like keeping tabs on everything (how much I exercise, what I eat, etc.) So I’m not posting things in the Challenge group forum. I stead, I’m just going to post things right here from time to time.

    I’m not in good shape. I ran a mile today and forced myself to not time it so I wouldn’t overdo it (I know how I am).

    Starting blood pressure:

    A photo posted by Not MM (@not_mm) on

  • heyzeus909 posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago · 

    “I miss when people took time to be exposed to different opinions, and bothered to read more than a paragraph or 140 characters. I miss the days when I could write something on my own blog, publish on my own domain, without taking an equal time to promote it on numerous social networks; when nobody cared about likes and reshares.

    That’s the web I remember before jail. That’s the web we have to save.”

    There are, of course, options to share and follow via Facebook and Twitter at the conclusion of the article.

    The Web We Have to Save

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    • This article was written by a big-time Iranian blogger who was jailed for the views expressed in his blog. When he was released, it was to the shallowness of the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram-age.

      We can stop calling this the information superhighway. It’s become the entertainment highway. Substance matters less now.

  • bliss posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago · 

    Having a great day.
    I turn 50 tomorrow. Ran a sub 6 mile this morning, going into the studio today, and playing a show at a club where I was allowed to book all of the acts for tonight.
    Can’t complain.
    I am fortunate.

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    • Nice, man! You certainly seem to have a good energy about you.

      • I allowed myself 4 hours in the studio to make a short album yesterday.
        My friend Brian Speaker, who did the engineering and owns the studio did a ton of work in that short amount of time.
        Another friend, jazz composer/musician Bryan Copeland, actually learned the songs right there on the spot!
        It’s not a perfect representation of the songs, and the songs aren’t all perfect either, but I stand behind it.
        Here’s a link to the first song, titled My Watch.

        • Cool…I’ll try to check it out later.

          • Edited: 7-18-2015 at 305pm
            By the way, My Watch has nothing to do with what you or anybody else is wearing.
            My songs are basically my stances as they apply to myself and my life.

    • Happy birthday, @Bliss!!!

      • Merci.
        A woman I know came over to me last night and said “You’re now in the half century club”. She’s in it too.

  • I work out alone and haven’t been stuck with a bar on me since my first year of lifting, more than two decades ago. But this is still a good idea.

    • bliss replied 2 weeks ago

      Better than I thought it was going to be. Hard to argue against it, other than to say you should be honest with yourself and not attempt that last rep when alone. Still, with this you can go for it when uncertain.

      • And if you tear a pec or something. I have spotter bars on my bench that I have set a few inches above my chest to keep me from going too low so I protect my shoulders.

  • heyzeus909 posted an update in the group Group logo of Mountain Man’s DungeonMountain Man’s Dungeon 2 weeks, 1 day ago · 

    Nothing like a (hopefully) minor health scare to provide motivation to (finally) get into shape.

    Yesterday, I had nothing but blueberries and homemade juice (beet, carrot, ginger, lemon, apple).

    My diet needs to be portable. I expect the staples to be homemade jerky, homemade juice, homemade salsa, organic kefir, and maybe protein powder.

    CYMERA_20150714_121722.jpg – Click to see more photos

    Right now, I’m going for a walk.

    Just like starting over.

  • heyzeus909 posted an update in the group Group logo of Eat Clean. Lift Hard.Eat Clean. Lift Hard. 2 weeks, 3 days ago · 

    eggs raw milk dark chocolate

    ^entering that into a Google search box will return results from the old forum. From there, you can click on the little drop-down arrow and select ‘Cached’. It’s not the prettiest layout, but if you’re looking for something you just might find it.

    eggs raw milk dark chocolate – Google Search

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  • heyzeus909 posted an update 2 weeks, 3 days ago · 

    I once asked my daughter if she knew who Ronald McDonald was. She said no. I remember thinking “I’m lovin’ it.”

  • gingerrose posted an update in the group Group logo of Question AuthorityQuestion Authority 2 weeks, 4 days ago · 

    Facebook wants my ID. Facebook can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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